PG provides extensive Human Resources expertise in managing the full spectrum of Performance including:

  1. Performance Management Systems linked with Strategy
  2. Organization-Wide Programs for enhanced competitiveness
  3. Leadership & Executive Performance Management
  4. Employee Performance Management & Development

The PG Difference: A well rounded and practical approach integrating all facets of your strategy while aiming to build a Performance Management Process that enhances the organizations approach to Human Resources Strategy.  PG also delivers at the tactical level by managing specific employee performance issues at the core.  

PG provides extensive services in Strategic and Human Resources Planning including:

  • Development of Performance Management Programs
  • Management of Leadership & Executive Performance Development Plans
  • Coaching and Support - Performance Improvement Plan
  • Consulting on Termination Avoidance and Turnaround Support
  • 360 Performance Management & Peer Evaluations
  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Psychometric Assessments & Evaluations
  • Performance Improvement Plans & Documentation Support